Club Cash Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in Club Cash?
Enrollment into Club Cash is automatic upon registering at CasinoUnreal. Your Club Cash username and password will be the same as your player account info.

How can I earn Club Cash points?
You will earn Club Cash points for your amounts wagered in the CasinoUnreal. These points will be credited to your Club Cash account instantaneously upon such casino wagering activity.

Can my Club Cash points be used at any other websites (beyond CasinoUnreal)?
While other gaming sites do participate in the Club Cash program, each particular website has their own version. Club Cash points must be redeemed at the website through which they were earned.

How can I redeem my Club Cash points?
After you log into your ClubCash account select the prize you want from the drop-down menu and follow the easy, guided instructions.

How long will it take to receive my selected reward?
Rewards such as cash, free money, and big wheel spins are instantly credited to your player account once you confirm your selection. Occasionally, other rewards are offered that require shipment to your address. Such rewards are typically shipped within ten (10) days.

What is the Big Wheel 'O' Free Money?
The Big Wheel 'O' Free Money is one of the many games found within CasinoUnreal's casino section. By spinning the Big Wheel, players are able to win "free money" credits ranging from $2 to $30 on every spin.

What's the difference between "free money rewards" and "cash rewards?"
"Cash rewards" are account credits that can be withdrawn immediately if so desired. In order to withdraw "free money rewards" from your casino account, you must first wager the amount a set number of times. For example, if you have $20 in "free money rewards" you may need to wager $200 (on any of the casino games) before you can withdraw the funds. No need to keep track of such wagering - funds are deducted from your free money account and credited to you cash account, within the casino software, automatically as you play.

How can I check my current Club Cash point balance?
Your Club Cash point balance is always shown in the lower left corner of the casino interface. You will need to sign in with your username and password to view the balance. You may also check your Club Cash point balance by signing into your account through the member login found within the Club Cash section on CasinoUnreal

Feel free to contact the CasinoUnreal customer support staff if you have any questions regarding the Club Cash program.