Buying Points

Buying Points is limited to football and basketball only. In 1/2 point increments, you can buy from 1/2 a point to a total of 3 points. Buying points can only be applied to a pointspread wager or to an over/under. You cannot buy points on a moneyline.

For every 1/2 point you buy, your selection will cost you an additional 10 cents.

Example 1

The line is:

Detroit Pistons +4 -110

You buy 11/2 points, the line is now:

Detroit Pistons +5.5 -140

* Football has an exception. When you buy points that move the line onto or off of 3 or 7, that will cost you 25 cents instead of 10 cents.

Example 2

The line is:

Dallas Cowboys +2.5 -110

You buy 1/2 point, the line is now:

Dallas Cowboys +3.0 -135

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