Reverse Wagers (Win and Action)

"Reverse Bets" are a pair of IF wagers going both forward and in "reverse" order. Each team included in the Reverse will pair with another team to form two IF bets. Each bet in the reverse is an individual straight wager for the full amount of the reverse (each bet is for the same amount).

Reverse Wager Rules

  • The first selection for your Reverse wager must start at the same time or before the second selection. Example: Your first selection starts at 1pm so your other selection must start at either 1pm or later.
  • You cannot reverse a game to itself or any associated prop to that game. Example: You cannot Reverse the first half of a game to the full game or the other way around.
  • You can only reverse for the amount that you wager on the previous bet. Example: if you wager $110 to win $100 on a game the second selection can only be for a maximum risk amount of $110
  • You can place reverse wagers between leagues and sports
  • Reverse wagers can only be placed with two selections
  • Both Reverse WIN and Reverse ACTION are available.

Reverse WIN Example:
A 2 team reverse is really 2 IF Bets. If you bet on Dallas and Miami the wager would work as follows:

If Dallas Wins then Miami and If Miami Wins then Dallas

Possible Outcomes:
1) Both teams win: you would have bet a total of $220 ($110 on each IF wager) and won $400 for a total of $620 payout.
2) Dallas wins and Miami loses: In this case, the first IF bet (Dallas if win then Miami) you win the first straight bet and lose the second one. For a total loss of $10 ($220 bet and only $210 won). On the second IF (Miami if win then Dallas) you lose the first straight, having no action on the second one. For the second IF there is a loss of $110 ($110 bet, nothing won). This gives a net loss of $120 for this situation.
3) Miami wins and Dallas loses: This follows the same result as the previous example.
4) Both teams lose: In this case you would loses the first part of both IF wagers and loses a total of $220.

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