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Available Wager Types

Moneyline Wagers
This type of wager requires that your selection win outright. Odds are determined by something called a money line or price. Money lines are represented by a number preceded by either + or a - such as -110. A price is the same money line converted into a decimal such as 1.91.

European Wagers Straight Wagers
These wagers require you to select the outcome of an event. Your choice needs to either win, lose or draw for your wager to win. Selections in these wagers are accompanied by a price only such as 1.91.

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Point Spread Wagers
Your selection must win by more than (or lose by less than) the adjusted line.


Team Spread
Miami -3.0
Green Bay +3.0
  • If you were to select "Green Bay Packers + 3.0", the Packers must win the game, or not lose by more than 3 points.
  • If you select "Miami Dolphins - 3.0", the Dolphins need to win the game by more than 3 points.

With regards to point spread betting, the odds are always - 110 (or 1.91), unless otherwise noted, which means you win $100 for each $110 bet. If the game happens to tie on the point spread, i.e. neither team wins nor loses by the specified amount, the bet is cancelled and the wager is returned.

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Over/Under Wagers
You can place a wager based on the total final score of the game. You can bet the final combined score of the two participating teams will be "over" or "under" a specified total. Over/Unders are always -110 unless otherwise noted.

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Buying Points
Buying Points is limited to football and basketball only. In 1/2 point increments, you can buy from 1/2 a point to a total of 3 points. Buying points can only be applied to a pointspread wager or to an over/under. You cannot buy points on a moneyline.

For every 1/2 point you buy, your selection will cost you an additional 10 cents.

Example 1

The line is:

Detroit Pistons +4 -110

You buy 11/2 points, the line is now:

Detroit Pistons +5.5 -140

* Football has an exception. When you buy points that move the line onto or off of 3 or 7, that will cost you 25 cents instead of 10 cents.

Example 2

The line is:

Dallas Cowboys +2.5 -110

You buy 1/2 point, the line is now:

Dallas Cowboys +3.0 -135

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Combining different wagers from various sports is a great way to increase your potential payout. In order for a combination wager to win, all of your selections must win. Any ties remove that game from your combination and reduce your combination by one, which will, in turn, reduce the pay out. In the event that your combination is reduced to a single game, that wager will be played as a regular, single selection wager.

The bet price is calculated by multiplying the individual prices of your selections. All your selections must win for the bet to pay out.

Payout Chart

# of Teams 1 2 3 4 5 6
Payout -110 2.6-1 6-1 10-1 20-1 40-1
# of Teams 7 8 9 10 11 12
Payout 75-1 150-1 300-1 700-1 1000-1 1800-1

** Management reserves the right to limit the number of teams that may be parlayed, payouts displayed on bet ticket supersede payouts displayed in this table.

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Progressive Parlays
Progressive parlays differ from regular parlays in that they have a fixed payout and they only apply to 4 and 8 team parlays. Also, you still have the opportunity to win if you lose one of your selections. In a 4 team progressive parlay if you lose one game and win the other 3 you still win. In an 8 team progressive parlay you can win with either 6, 7 or 8 wins.

Payout Charts

4 team 8 Team
4 wins 4-1 (+400) 8 Wins 75-1 (+7500)
3 wins 1-1 (EVEN) 7 Wins 5-1 (+500)
    6 Wins 3-1 (+300)

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Teaser Wagers (Football or Basketball)
A teaser wager allows you to make a combination bet on football or basketball with the point spread adjusted or "teased" in your favour. You can adjust the point spread of your selections in football by 6, 6.5 or 7 points. In basketball, point spreads can be adjusted by 4, 4.5 or 5 points.

All of your selections must win for a teaser wager to win. Any ties take that game off of your combination and reduce your combination by one, which in turn reduces the pay out. If your teaser is reduced to a single game your teaser wager will be cancelled and your wager will be returned to you.

There are also two special teaser wagers called "Sweetheart Teasers". These are always 3 team teasers where ties lose. You must win all three games in order for your teaser to win. If football the "Sweetheart Teaser" gives 10 points while a basketball "Sweetheart Teaser" adjusts your line by 7 points.


Team Spread 6.0 6.5 7.0
Miami -3.0 +3.0 +3.5 +4.0
Green Bay +3.0 +9.0 +9.5 +10.0
Dallas +6.0 +12.0 +12.5 +13.0

In this example (above), if you picked Miami in a 6 point teaser you would get Miami at +3.0 points instead of -3.0 points. So if Miami won the game or lost by up to 2 points that part of your teaser bet would win. A 6.5 or a 7 point teaser would give you Miami at +3.5 and +4.0 respectively. If you picked Dallas, you could move their point spread to +12.0, +12.5 or +13.0.

Teaser Prices (Basketball/Football)

# of Teams 4/6pt 4.5/6.5pt 5.0/7pt 7.0/10.0pt
2 teams 10/12 (1.83) 10/13 (1.77) 10/14 (1.71) N/A
3 teams 8/5 (2.60) 7/5 (2.40) 6/5 (2.20) 10/12 (1.83)
4 teams 5/2 (3.50) 2/1 (3.00) 9/5 (2.90) N/A
5 teams 4/1 (5.00) 7/2 (4.50) 3/1 (4.00) N/A
6 teams 6/1 (7.00) 5/1 (6.00) 4/1 (5.00) N/A
7 teams 9/1 (10.00) 8/1 (9.00) 7/1 (8.00) N/A
8 teams 14/1 (15.00) 12/1 (13.00) 10/1 (11.00) N/A

* Decimal prices (which include your wager) are in parenthesis.

* We reserve the right to change teaser payouts at any time, please check your bet ticket payout odds when placing your wager for official odds/prices.

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If Wagers (Win and Action)
You would place an IF Wager when you want action on a second game (or more games) without wanting to risk more than your original wager amount for a single wager. You can add up to 8 teams in an IF wager. You can also request an IF wager if 2 or more games are being played simultaneously.

Placing an IF wager is advantageous in that you only need to risk your original wager while taking action on up to 8 wagers.

There are two types of IF wagers: IF WIN and IF ACTION. Your IF WIN wager will continue only if your wagers continue to win. If any of your games lose, tie or are cancelled for any reason, your entire IF wager ends. IF ACTION wagers allow your IF wager to continue if one of your games ties or is cancelled for any reason.

Rules For IF Wagers
1. The initial choice for an IF wager must start at the same time or before the rest of your IF wager selections. Example: Your first selection starts at 1pm so your other selections must start at either 1pm or later.
2. You cannot IF a game to itself or any associated prop to that game. Example: You cannot IF the first half of a game to the full game or the other way around.
3. You are required to place a bet amount for each of your selections in the IF wager. Your bet amounts cannot exceed the previous bet total payout. Example: If you wager $110 to win $100 on your first selection, then your next selection in the IF wager cannot be for more then $110.
4. You can place IF wagers between leagues and sports

IF WIN Example

Team Line Bet Payout Status Total
Dallas Cowboys +7, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
Miami Dolphins +4, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
Detroit Pistons +5, -110 $110 $100 Lose $0.00
LA KINGS -.5, +120 No Action on this wager
Total Bet: $110
Total Win: $200


Team Line Bet Payout Status Total
Dallas Cowboys +7, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
Miami Dolphins +4, -110 $110 $100 Cancel $110 (Refund)
Detroit Pistons +5, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
LA KINGS -.5, +120 $110 $120 WIN $220
Total Bet: $110
Total Win: $320

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Reverse Wagers (Win and Action)
"Reverse Bets" are a pair of IF wagers going both forward and in "reverse" order. Each team included in the Reverse will pair with another team to form two IF bets. Each bet in the reverse is an individual straight wager for the full amount of the reverse (each bet is for the same amount).

Reverse Wager Rules
1. The first selection for your Reverse wager must start at the same time or before the second selection. Example: Your first selection starts at 1pm so your other selection must start at either 1pm or later.
2. You cannot reverse a game to itself or any associated prop to that game. Example: You cannot Reverse the first half of a game to the full game or the other way around.
3. You can only reverse for the amount that you wager on the previous bet. Example: if you wager $110 to win $100 on a game the second selection can only be for a maximum risk amount of $110
4. You can place reverse wagers between leagues and sports
5. Reverse wagers can only be placed with two selections
6. Both Reverse WIN and Reverse ACTION are available.

Reverse WIN Example:
A 2 team reverse is really 2 IF Bets. If you bet on Dallas and Miami the wager would work as follows:

If Dallas Wins then Miami and If Miami Wins then Dallas

Possible Outcomes:
1) Both teams win: you would have bet a total of $220 ($110 on each IF wager) and won $400 for a total of $620 payout.
2) Dallas wins and Miami loses: In this case, the first IF bet (Dallas if win then Miami) you win the first straight bet and lose the second one. For a total loss of $10 ($220 bet and only $210 won). On the second IF (Miami if win then Dallas) you lose the first straight, having no action on the second one. For the second IF there is a loss of $110 ($110 bet, nothing won). This gives a net loss of $120 for this situation.
3) Miami wins and Dallas loses: This follows the same result as the previous example.
4) Both teams lose: In this case you would loses the first part of both IF wagers and loses a total of $220.

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Asian Handicapping - Soccer Only
With Asian Handicaps, you bet on either the favourite or the underdog. There is no "Tie" bet. The handicap, or spread, removes the gap in ability between the favourite and underdog making the match a contest of equal ability. The bigger the ability gap is between both teams, the larger the handicap will be.

The simple example of this style of wagering would be the following:

Team Spread
Arsenal -0.5
Manchester +0.5

Arsenal would be considered the favourite because 1/2 a goal is subtracted from their final score. Manchester would be the underdog because 1/2 goal is added to their final score. In this example, if you were to choose Arsenal, Arsenal would need to win the game by 1 goal. If the game ended in a 1-1 tie, then you would lose your wager because the final adjusted score would be Arsenal .5 and Manchester 1.

Sometimes the handicap line becomes more complicated and a second line is added. This is called a splitball and here is an example:

Team Spread
Arsenal -0.5, -1.0
Manchester +0.5, +1.0

Again, Aresenal would be considered the favorite because of the negative line. In this case, you would be placing two bets; one for Arsenal at -0.5 and one for Arsenal at -1.0. If the game was to end with Arsenal winning 2-1, the result would be as follows:

You bet $100 on the wager which would be split into two $50 wagers. $50 on Arsenal at -0.5 and $50 on Arsenal at -1.0. Here are the possible outcomes for this example:

Arsenal Loses - Your total payout on a $100 bet would be $0.
You lose the -0,5 bet
You lose the -1.0 bet

Arsenal wins by 1 goal - Your total payout on a $100 bet would be $150.
You win the -0.5 bet and win $50
You tie the -1.0 bet and are refunded $50

The game is tied - Your total payout on a $100 bet would be $0.
You lose the -0.5 bet.
You lose the -1.0 bet.

Arsenal wins by 2 or more goals - Your total payout on a $100 bet would be $200.
You win the -0.5 bet and win $50
You win the -1.0 bet and win $50

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Future Wagers
Future wagers are bets that you make on events that will happen in the near future. An example would be betting on an NFL team to win the Superbowl before the NFL season begins. The bets list all applicable participants and the odds are either displayed as a fraction or as a price.

Propositions and Special Wagers
Proposition and special wagers are all other wagers that are not covered by the other wager types mentioned above. This includes wagers such as golf match-ups, individual player wagers and other types of bets. Propositions and special wager odds are displayed as either a fraction or as a price.

1st 5-Inning Line
The 1st 5 innings line will be considered official and be graded as soon as both teams have finished batting in the 5th inning. Listed pitchers must start for action.

Either Team Score in 1st
Either Team Score in 1st? Will be graded YES when a team scores in the 1st and NO when both teams have batted in the 1st without scoring. Bets on NO have action after a complete inning. Bets will be considered official when graded despite what may or may not happen after 1st inning (i.e. a rained out game after one inning.)

Baseball Props
Props involving "firsts" such as will a pitcher 1st pitch be a strike or ball or will a batter reach base his 1st time up will be considered official and be graded as they happen. All other props have same rules as run lines and totals.

All Baseball Games & Game Props
In the event of a pitching change, all games and props affected by the change will be graded as NO ACTION.

NCAA Football Conference Championships Tie-Breakers
Winner of the SEC, Big 12, and ACC conferences is defined as the winner of those conferences' championship games.

For other conferences, in the event of a tie in the regular season standings, the winner is defined as the highest ranked team according to the BCS standings the week following the conference championship games.

If no team is ranked in the BCS, then the team ranked highest in the AP poll the week following the conference championship games will be determined the winner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make A Free Bet?
Occasionally we will run a promotion that allows you to make a FREE wager on a specific event. Simply follow the promotion links to the bet card and place a wager on the event that has "Free Wager" listed in it's title. You are required to place the wager for exactly the amount listed, nothing more or less. In order to place this free bet, you need to have at least the amount of the wager already in your REAL money account.

When you place the wager, no money from your account will be deducted and if you win, your account will be credited with the winnings for that wager. Here is an example:

The Free Bet is a $20 wager on the Miami/Dallas NFL game. You choose Miami -7 and place the $20 wager. You have $50 in your REAL money account so you are allowed to place this wager. Miami wins the game by 10 point and you win the bet. $20 was added to your REAL money account. If you lose, it doesn't cost you a penny.

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How do I place a single wager?
For all events on which live betting is available,schedules and odds are posted. You can add a single wager by clicking on the "Bet" symbol beside your selection. This will add your selection to the bet card. Once you have entered the wager amount on your bet card, click on "Place Bet" to submit your bet. Your bet is recorded and your wager will be instantly deducted from your account. When the game has been played and the outcome to your bet has been resolved any winnings will be added to your account right away.

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How do I buy points?
Buying Points can only be done on basketball and football pointspreads and over/unders. Choose the game, team and bet type you wish to bet on. When you make your selection, a list of Buying Points options becomes available. You can add any number of points from 1/2 to 3 simply by clicking on the appropriate button. If you want to go back to the default line, click on Straight Bet.

Once you have made your selection and bought your points, your bet ticket will now reflect your adjusted line.

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How do I place a parlay wager?
You can combine any selections that are available onto one betting card, up to a maximum of 10 selections. You do this by choosing one event at a time by clicking the "Bet" symbol next to your selection. This will add your selection to the bet card. You can now add a second selection to the bet card by adding another selection from the same sport or by going to a new sport and adding another selection.

When you have more than one selection on a bet card, your bet price will begin to increase as you add multiple wagers.

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How do I place a teaser wager?
Your teaser selection must be from either football or basketball point spreads or over/unders. You can not mix the sports. Click on the "Bet" symbol beside your selections in order to have them added to your bet card. Once you have 2 selections that qualify for a teaser wager, the teaser menu will pop up. At that time you can choose what type of teaser you want (e.g. 7 Point Teaser). Enter the wager amount on your bet card and click on "Place Bet" to submit your bet.

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How do I create an IF Wager?
To create an IF wager you need to select two or more teams and add them to your bet card. The bet list options will display IF WIN and IF ACTION. Select the type of IF wager you are interested in placing by selecting one of these two options.

Once you have chosen your IF wager type and the teams you want to have in your wager, you now need to enter the bet amounts for each selection. Remember that you cannot add additional teams that are playing before your first selection. Also remember that your wagers for each additional bet cannot be for more than your original wager.

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How do I create a Reverse Wager?
To create a Reverse Wager you need to select two teams and add them to your bet card. In the bet type list you will see Reverse WIN and Reverse ACTION. Choose the type of Reverse you want to make and enter your bet amount. Remember that the bet amount you enter will actually be double that because you are basically creating two IF wagers.

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How do I place an Asian Handicap wager (Soccer Only)?
To create an Asian Handicapping bet, choose your team and the attached line. Then enter your bet amount. If you are placing a "Splitball" wager then remember your wager will be split into two wagers, one for each line.

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How are my winnings calculated?
When you add selections to your Bet Card, the potential payout for your current wager is calculated and displayed automatically for you. The calculation is determined as follows:

The decimal price that we display is the price you get for the outcome of your event. This price includes your bet amount. Your winnings are calculated by simply multiplying your bet amount by the displayed odds.

For example:

Place a $100 bet at a price of 3.5

Your return would be:
$100 x 3.5 = $350

On North American Sports, the equivalent "cents line" or "money line" is also displayed. With a "positive" money line, which indicates the underdog, for every 100 cents you bet, you receive the amount displayed plus your bet amount. For example:

Place a $10 bet at a cents line of +130 (decimal price of 2.3)

Your return would be:
($10 x 130 cents) + $10 bet amount = $23 (= $10 x 2.3)

With a "negative" cents line, which indicates the favourite, for every 100 cents you wish to win, you need to bet an amount equivalent to the displayed line. For example:

Place a $12 bet at a cents line of -120 (decimal price of 1.83)

Your return would be:
$10 + $12 bet amount = $22 (= $12 x 1.83)

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How do I request sports wagering limits?
Sports wagering limits are always available upon request by contacting Customer Support ...

E-mail assistance:
[email protected]
+809 202-3606
+353 21 234-8135

If you live outside of these areas please do not hesitate to use our live chat to invite one of our representatives to give you a call.