Poker Features

Bounty Tournaments

The most satisfying feeling at the table of a poker tournament is eliminating another player. Not only do you win a huge pot, but you are also one step closer to the prize money! Now the prize money and eliminations are coming together at CasinoUnreal's Bounty tournaments!

In a Bounty tournament, a percentage of the prize pool will be taken to put a bounty on the heads of players. The overall prize payout structure remains the same, but the extra value is found as you knock out other players and receive a cash prize for every elimination.

Regardless of your tournament placing, you can still make a profit on bounties. For example, in a $2 buy-in tournament, $1 will contribute to the prize pool, and $1 will be paid to the bounty field. Every player has a $1 price on their head, so simply eliminate two players and you have already made your buy-in back, with only profit to come!

Bounty tournaments will be available with many different prize structures. Simply check out our tournament listings in the CasinoUnreal software to see the prize pool structure for any one of our upcoming tournaments.