How we fight fraud
Thank you for visiting our site. The name EFS CARRIBEAN will appear on your credit card statement. Once again, thanks for your business and ignore the message below if you are an honest customer.

What constitutes credit card fraud?
You use your EFS Account or credit card to obtain Chips and then claim that you did not authorize such transaction, that you have no idea what the charge is for and/or you claim the card number was stolen. Any other statement which you know is not true.

What happens when you falsely dispute a charge?
Falsely denying payment on your EFS Account or credit card may result in action against you for the amount disputed, plus the cost of paying the collection agency and/or lawyers processed by an international collection agency with independent representatives in America, Europe and Asia, plus costs for round trip airfare, motel, food, and labor costs for the designated agent to appear in court. EFS Account or credit card fraud is a serious offense and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. This no tolerance policy of fighting back each and every case of EFS Account or credit card fraud by the designated agent will cost you much more money than the original amount you received.

How to prove your identity?
Through your IP address. In court the IP address will verify your identity and exact time you used the system. Your IP address is not your E-mail address (example: How? By subpoena or your Internet service provider to obtain your identity. Your Internet service provider is forced through the court subpoena process to give up this confidential information. Your ISP's log file history will show exactly what modem and port you logged on through and makes identification through your Account Name and Password. Even AOL and other dynamic IP addresses gives us the information needed to prosecute.

How to collect?
Liens on your property, bank account, and garnishing of wages. This may also result in a report being filed with 3 major credit reporting agencies once our case is won. We sincerely hope that it will not come to this, but EFS Account or credit card fraud can not and will not be tolerated. It undermines the entire growth of the Internet and computer companies worldwide. If you have questions or concerns regarding your account, please CONTACT US. Thank You!