EFS International Inc. Secure Transaction Processing

When you open an account with our site, you are opening an account with EFS International Inc. which handles all of our monetary transactions. Electronic Financial Services International Inc. (EFS) acts as an international currency converter and a secure Internet transaction gateway for our casino. EFS utilizes proprietary encoding and processing technologies which allow for complete security for financial transactions via the Internet.

EFS International uses SSL Protocol to provide privacy and reliability between two communicating applications. SSL uses 128 bit encryption, which ensures server and client authentication. This is done through encrypted algorithms and cryptographic keys. What all this means is that before any data is sent from you, the client, to the server, or vice versa, the data is encrypted before it is transmitted. This will make it impossible for anyone to break this code and gain any confidential information, providing you with the highest security.

To find out more about EFS, visit the http://www.efsinternational.net website.

YOUR ACCOUNT: Deposit, Withdraw

The EFS banking system lets you deposit and withdraw money from your account. We accept all of the most common credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, etc. Further, we accept Bank Drafts and Money Orders. You can read more about each option below. The official currency at Casino Unreal is U.S. Dollars.

As a registered member, you can deposit real money into your account using any of the following methods:


The fastest and simplest way to deposit money into your account is via credit card. Deposits by credit card happen instantly and you will be able to wager within minutes.

Registering a Credit Card

Before you can deposit money into your Casino Unreal Account, you must register a credit card in your EFS account. To do this, click on "Your Account" from the Casino Unreal website or on the game control panel within any of the "Play for Real" games. Choose the type of credit card you wish to register(visa, mastercard, etc.) from the pull down menu at the bottom of the page and click "submit". Fill in the required credit card information from the fields provided and click "submit". Repeat these steps to add additional cards if desired. Whenever you choose to deposit money you can choose any credit card registered with EFS.

Depositing Money via Credit Card

To make a deposit, click on "Your Account" from the Casino Unreal website or on the game control panel within any of the "Play for Real" games. From there enter the amount of money you wish to deposit into your account and click "submit". Choose the appropriate credit card from those you have registered in your ewallet(see "registering a credit card" in the help menu for more details). To complete the transaction click on "Purchase" and wait for authorization to complete. EFS will check to ensure all of your information is correct, and that you have the necessary funds, before crediting your account. An EFS notification will pop up notifying you when the transaction has completed.


  • Any given credit card can only be used on one account.
  • The minimum amount to deposit is $20 USD.
  • There is a $1000 USD 24 hour and $4000 USD 30 day deposit limit.



To deposit money into your EFS Account via money orders, bank drafts, or certified/cashiers cheques, please contact your local bank and mail it to:

E.F.S. International Inc.
KFH Building
Liat Road
P.O. Box 3265
St. Johns, Antigua
West Indies

Be sure to include your EFS Account number, your username, and password. Please allow 7 - 10 days after we have received your money order, cheque or bank draft for processing time. You will be contacted via email once the funds have been deposited into your EFS Account. Please note that withdrawals out of your EFS Account will only be processed once the money order, cheque or bank draft has cleared the bank.


NETeller is similar to Pay Pal. It allows you to send money via credit card, instant bank transfers and various other methods. NETeller is the most efficient method for depositing funds into your account. If you do not have a Neteller Account, please create one.

To deposit funds into your account be sure to use the integrated NETeller interface in our Cashier. DO NOT attempt to deposit through the NETeller website as this will cause delays. Deposits into your account by NETeller happen very quickly and you should be able to wager within 1 hour after you deposit. Withdrawals by NETeller normally take 3 - 5 business days. One of the benefits of depositing by NETeller is that we can send all of your winnings to you through the NETeller system. This means no more waiting for us to mail you a check.


Any time you have a positive EFS Account balance you may choose to withdraw some or all of your money. Click on "Your Account" from the Casino Unreal website or on the game control panel within any of the "Play for Real" games. Click on "Withdraw". Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw from your account and click "submit".

1. Upon withdrawal, the last medium of deposit is chosen as the criteria for payout.

2. Most recent deposit via credit card with Processors (DCTI, GFS, GIRO, and CLEARCHEX) - payouts will be satisfied with checks.

3. Credits are currently not processed by EFS Operations, due to recent hostility by some issuing banks as a result of new regulations laid down by Visa and MasterCard.

4. EFS, currently accepts the following forms of deposits via its various processors:
  1. Visa only - via DCTI

  2. MasterCard only - via GIRO

  3. Visa & MasterCard via GFS (due to the above regulations, GFS has advised against processing credits).

  4. Electronic checks via Clear Chex (these checks take up to and including 12 business days to clear),(Payouts only after disbursement report from Clear Chex of clearance).

  5. Visa & Electronic checks via PayPal (electronic checks take up to 5 business days to clear - payouts only after clearance of e-checks).

  6. Personal checks (on rare occasions - these may take up 9 weeks to clear - Payouts only after clearance).


Your gaming account history details your transaction history over a specified period of time. This report will detail the date, transaction type (deposit, withdraw, etc.), method of payment(visa, mastercard, etc.) and the transaction number.

To look at your gaming account history click on "Your Account" from the Casino Unreal website or on the game control panel within any of the "Play for Real" games. Click on "Gaming Account History" at the bottom of the right hand box that details your current account balance. From the pull down menu specify the time parameters for which you want details for and click "submit".

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