How do Bonus Chips and V-Chips Work?

  When you make your initial deposit, Casino Unreal gives you a deposit bonus in the form of Bonus Chips. These Bonus Chips must be wagered within Casino Unreal , and cannot be withdrawn until they have been wagered. Each time you place a bet, a portion of that bet is a Bonus Chip. When you win a bet, all winnings are returned to you as V-Chips, which can then be withdrawn. Using Bonus Chips allows us to prevent someone making a deposit, getting their bonus, and immediately withdrawing their total balance without wagering.


  • Your Total Chips balance is $200.
  • You place a Blackjack bet of $10.
  • $9 of that wager comes out of your V-Chip balance.
  • $1 of that wager comes out of your Bonus Chip balance.
  • You win the hand, and get $20 back, as V-Chips that can then be withdrawn.

Using Bonus Chips gives you three benefits:

Speedier Withdrawals From Your Account
Using Bonus Chips allows us to automate our fraud-screening process, so your withdrawals can be done quickly and easily. Bonus Chips cannot be withdrawn from your account, as they must be wagered. When you place a bet using Bonus Chips, and you win, your winnings come as V-Chips, which then can be withdrawn.

Less Restrictions on Your Wagering and Withdrawals
Because we use Bonus Chips, you donít have to worry about wagering your entire initial deposit (or 1.5 times or 2 times your initial deposit, like other sites force you to do). Bonus Chips and V-Chips combine to make up your Total Chips balance. As you bet, a percentage of that bet comes from your V-Chip balance and a percentage comes from your Bonus Chip balance.

Itís Free Money!
When you wager using Bonus Chips, your winnings are paid out in V-Chips, which are the same as real money, and can be withdrawn as normal.

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