1. Casino Unreal is a legal operation, which has been licensed and bonded with the government of Antigua.

2. Casino Unreal management waives all membership fees.

3. Absolutely no financial transactions will take place within the United States, its territories or possessions.

4. All information received will be kept completely confidential.

5. There are no service charges to clients in regards to deposits and withdrawals. Restrictions apply.

6. There is no deposit required to open an account.

7. The minimum bet is US$10; the maximum, dependent on the sport, is US$1,100 on straight bets, US$500 for combination bets and US$500 for future and proposition wagers. Funds MUST be available in your account in order to wager.

8. The maximum dollar amount that may be won by an individual customer, syndicate or partners on a weekly basis is $75,000 US currency or equivalent. This maximum shall apply independently of the number of wagers placed or pending or the amount wagered or pending, and it shall be incumbent upon the bettor (customer) to ensure that his/her weekly return does not exceed the aforesaid limit. A week shall be defined as Sunday midnight through Sunday 23:59:59 EST.

9. There is no minimum account balance.

10. Members may open their accounts with Certified/Cashier's Cheque, Money Orders, Credit Cards, Western Union, Bank Draft or Wire Transfer.

11. When a member opts to deposit into their account, they will be restricted in regards to withdrawals. They will be unable to withdraw from this account until they receive their EFS Account PIN number.

12. Members may close their accounts at any time.

13. When withdrawing from an account, if the player deposits funds via credit card, they can only withdraw funds equal to the amount they initially deposited onto their credit card. The rest would be sent via cheque.

14. Payouts will be received in the form of credit card transactions and cheques.

15. Management reserves the right to revise all rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.

16. Management reserves the right to limit and/or refuse any wager.

17. There will be no refunds, changing of plays or switching of teams after an official wager has been placed.

Every effort will be made to ensure that all information available on the Internet site is accurate. However, if an error is made in the prices or conditions published on-line, we reserve the right to correct any mistakes and to settle any bets already laid at the correct price, odds and time.

Sporting events postponed by more than 12 hours and/or rescheduled will constitute "No Action." All money will be credited accordingly.

Games/events suspended, under protest(s) and overturned decisions are not recognized for betting purposes.

Dead Heat Rule - When a dead heat occurs for first place, the stake money on the winning selection will be divided by the number of winners and full odds paid on the reduced stake; the remaining stake money is lost.

The sports wagering rules are based upon the rules and regulations that govern the sports betting in Nevada (Las Vegas).

These rules, regulations, payoffs, results, wager types and others apply where not covered herein. All sporting events must be played on the date, time, and site scheduled unless otherwise specified.

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