The team wagered on must win by the point spread given at the time of the wager. For straight wagers, unless otherwise indicated, the odds are $1.10 to win $1.00. Games that tie are considered "no action" and money is re-deposited back into your account. Due to changing events, the point spread may fluctuate at any time.


Player wagers $110.00 on Miami -7 to beat Buffalo +7

If Miami wins by more than 7 points the player wins $100.00 so the total payout including the initial wager would be $210.00. If Miami only wins by 7 points then the game is considered "no action" and all money is returned to the bettor. If the Miami wins by less than 7 points the wagers is lost.


The combined score of both teams for games wagered on, all totals lay $1.10 to win $1.00 unless it is otherwise indicated.


The player lays $220.00 on the OVER in the Miami/Buffalo game. The total for the game is 45. If both teams' combined score is more than 45 than the player would win $200.00. If the combined score is equal 45 the game is considered "no action" and the money is returned. If the combined score is less than 45 then the wager is lost.


The team wagered on just has to win the game. The amount you lay or take for each game may vary. The money line that is read to at the time of your wager is the money line you keep regardless of any line movement.


The player wagers on Miami -160 at Buffalo +260. If Miami wins then the player would lay $160.00 to win $100.00. If the player bet on Buffalo then the player would lay $100.00 to win $260.00


All wagers must go the full half for action (first half and second half). All halftime wagers are calculated the same as a straight wager unless otherwise indicated. There are no teaser plays or buying of points on halftimes. On half time wagers, overtime periods are included as part of the 2nd half.

PARLAYS( also known as Multiples )

This is a bet of 2 or more teams (selections) or propositions in no particular order. All teams wagered on in a parlay must win. If there is a tie, or "no action" among the selections made, the parlay reverts down to the next lowest number for payoff. In the case of a 2-team parlay, it will revert down to a straight wager.

No parlay bets will be accepted where individual "selections" are connected. For example, one leg of a parlay is for Sampras to beat Henman in the 4th round of Wimbledon and the second or additional part of the parlay is for Sampras to win the overall Wimbledon title. The match forms part of the overall tournament and is therefore 'connected'. In the same way, you cannot parlay the over of the first half of a football game with the over of the total game, because the two are 'connected'


Player wants to make a 5 team parlay:

Miami -7 New York +3 Seattle -4 Denver -10 San Francisco -8

If all these games win then the player would have won at 20-1 odds. If only 1 team loses then the entire parlay loses.

Parlay Payouts
2 Teams 13/5
3 Teams 6/1
4 Teams 10/1
5 Teams 20/1
6 Teams 40/1
7 Teams 75/1
8 Teams 150/1
9 Teams 300/1
10 Teams    700/1

Note: There is a $500 maximum bet on parlays.


A Teaser is a selection of two or more teams in one wager in which the point spread is adjusted in your favor. The number of teams selected and the number of points selected determines the payout odds. A "Tie" or "No Action" and a "Win" on a two team teaser shall constitute a "No Action" wager. A "Tie" or a "No Action" and a "Loss" on a two team teaser shall constitute a "Losing" wager. Ties on a three or more team teaser shall revert to the next lowest betting bracket. (Example: A tie on a three team becomes a two team teaser.)

Teaser Payoffs/Odds for Basketball and Football
Football- points 6 6.5 7

Basketball- points

4 4.5 7
2 teams 10/11 10/12 10/13
3 teams 16/10 14/10 12/10
4 teams 25/10 20/10 18/10
5 teams 40/10 35/10 30/10
6 teams 60/10 50/10 40/10
7 teams 90/10 80/10 70/10
8 teams 140/10 120/10 100/10

3 Team 10 point Football - 10/12
7 Point Basketball Teasers Odds - 10/12
* All ties lose in a 3 team 10 point football teaser
* All ties lose in a 3 team 7 point basketball teaser


Future wagers are based on the outcome of events that happen each year. All wagers are final. There will be no payouts until the conclusion of the specified season.

Proposition plays are wagers based on the outcome of events. Odds change daily and all wagers are considered action at the odds quoted at the time of the wager.

In the event that the selection (person, team, or other) a customer bets upon does not participate in the game/event due to injury, etc, there will be no refunds.


European prices are different from the North American style of odds. In North America, money lines are used to determine the line.

In North America, a team that is +140 would be a 40 point underdog. This means that for every $100 wagered the bettor would win $140. For this to be true in a European style of betting, the odds would be 2.40-- meaning that for $100 wagered the bettor would win $140. The 2.40 represents the entire amount wagered and won by the bettor.

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