Join the Partners Program
Welcome to your chance to participate in one of the most lucrative businesses on the Net! Our Partners Program lets you share in the profits of the ever growing online gaming industry. If you have a website, you can earn cash by sending us your visitors and helping us sign up new customers. For each customer you help us sign up, you could earn up to 30% of the revenue which we earn from him or her.

What is the Partners Program?
The Casino Unreal Partners Program is targeted to website operators who want to offer a high-profit casino and gaming program on their websites. We offer the highest payouts to website operators and involves no cost to you as a Partner!

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How does the Partners Program work?
As a Partner, all you have to do is direct your visitors to our website with special tracking code that you can place on your site as a banner or text link. When they sign up as customers of our casino, we tag their user account with a unique ID that identifies them as one of the customers that you helped sign up. From then on, you could receive up to 30% of the revenue which we earn from them.

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Sign me up!
To get started as a Partner, just follow these easy steps:

Read our Partners Program Terms and Conditions.

Sign up online.
After you sign up, you will receive an email that welcomes you as a new Partner and provides you with all the information you need to get started.

Place the tracking code on your website.

Partners Area
If you have already signed up as a Partner, you can refer to the links below for help or to check on your Partner statistics.

Partners Statistics
Check your personal stats and comissions earned.
Select from a variety of banners to use on your website.
Sample Links
Example on how to setup the Partner links on your website.
Answers to your questions.

For more information email us at [email protected]