Sample Links

After you've signed up as a Partner, you'll need to place a special tracking code on your website in order to direct visitors to our website. As well, the tracking code will help us keep track of the customers which you've helped sign up.

The following are examples of a banner link and a text link which you would place around your web site. When a visitor clicks on the banner, he/she will be directed to our site. Upon signing up to our casino, his/her account will be tagged with a unique ID that identifies him/her as one of our customers which you directed to us. In turn, this will enable us to share with you the revenue we earn from that customer.

Sample Banner Link

HTML code for the banner link above:
<a href=;=381><img src=banner.gif border=1></a>

Sample Text Link
Click here for Online Gaming!

Here's the HTML code for the text link above:
<a href=;=381>Click here for Online Gaming!</a>

The tracking code as used in the examples above or shown below must be used for your banner or text links.;=381

Important: You must replace Your_Partner_ID with your own unique Partner ID which was emailed to you when you signed up as a Partner.

Click here for a selection of banners which you can use on your website.

For more information email us at [email protected]